EC 2019 Lyon

8th May 2019
11th May 2019
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12th March 2018
Lyon, France

European Conference 2019 Lyon France

JCI France are delighted to welcome you once again in the City of Lyon from 8 to 11 May 2019 for the European Conference, 42 years after the 1977 Europe Africa Conference.

In May 2019 we will be happy to work with all of you on our topic « Commitment Revolution » . We want to continue to take initiatives and think « out of the box » to reach sustainable impact.
Are you ready to face this challenge and come back to Lyon to do so? Yes, of course you are! Come and discover the « French touch » in Lyon!

We hope to see you in Riga on 21 June 2018 where you will have an insight in Lyon’s way of life during the « French night ». Don’t miss it !

The COC Team