International Events

International Events where you’ll probably find some British Senators, in addition to those listed in the Events Diary. A summary of the more popular ones is below:

  • January Danish Drumming Out
  • January Swedish Chain Changing
  • April Scottish Conference
  • April German Senate Conference
  • June European Conference
  • June US Senate Year-end Convention
  • August Crayfish Party, Halmstad, Sweden
  • August European Senators Golf Championship at Mont Garni
  • Aug/Sept Norwegian Senotium
  • October Irish Convention
  • November World Congress
  • December Wildschweinessen, Lubeck, Germany

For more details of this year’s events click on the International Events link below (copy of event list from European Senate magazine).

International Events May 2013

International JCI Events

There is a website for International JCI Events –