British Senators – Donation

A British Senator is a Senator who received their Senatorship from a JCI UK (or BJC) chamber or a JCI Senator who resides in the area covered by JCI UK.

In order to help us provide support to JCI UK members and defray the costs of running the Senate, British Senators are asked to make a small annual donation.

Just £25 per year

The minimum recommended donation is just £25 per Senator per calendar year (less than 50p/week) payable on 2 January each year by standing order.

This money helps support the activities of the Senate and, in turn, the support we give to current JCI UK members. Senators making the minimum donation of £25 per annum also receive copies of our excellent European Senate magazine and the British Senate newsletter. For British Senators based overseas a slightly higher donation of £35 per annum to cover postage keeps you in touch.

British Senators who make a donation of at least £25 per year will also have access to the digital version of the magazine and the digital magazine archive.

Click here to see a  PDF copy of a recent issue as an example of the quality and content of the magazine and for copies of recent British Newsletters sent to British Senators with the magazine.

Don’t delay please download the standing order form below, complete it, and send it to (Treasurer), their details are on the form or e-mail at

A number of Senators don’t make a regular donation to the running of the British Senate or haven’t increased their donation to the recommended level. It is likely that some of these are just oversights but please would you check to see if you have updated your standing order to £25.

For those British Senators that reside outside the UK the recommended donation is £35 per year due to the increased postage costs.

Standing order forms

Standing Order form (Word)

Standing Order form (pdf)

Please remember to use your Senate number as reference and provide name and address details.

Scottish Senators and widows of British Senators

Scottish Senators (living in the UK) and widows of British Senators who make an annual donation of £15 (£12 by standing order) also receive the magazine.

Scottish Senate-Standing-Order

Scottish Senate Standing Order

Scottish Senate Standing order (pdf)

Please contact the Treasurer if you require further details.