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This area of the website contains archive material and links to past events.
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Archive Documents

Treasurer’s Reports
2014 Treasurers Report
2013 Treasurers Report (PDF)
2011 Treasurers Report (PDF)
2010 Treasurers Report (PDF)

Chairmans Report Documents
2014 Chairmans report to 2015 AGM
2013 Chairmans report to 2014 AGM
2011 Chairmans report to 2011 AGM

Year Documents
2014 Chairman’s Message
2012 Chairman’s report
2008 2008 Chairman’s letter Oct
2008 Chairman’s letter May
2008 Chairman’s letter Jan
2007 2007 Chairman’s report
2007 Chairman’s letter Jul
Chairman’s letter Feb
2006 2006 Programme
Chairman’s letter Apr
Chairman’s letter Jul
Chairman’s letter Oct
Chairmans Report 2006


Past Chairmen & council list

Linked below is the Contacts page from the European Senate magazine. This lists the ASE Board, European National Senate contacts and main Senate contacts outside Europe.

Logo Downloads

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To download a logo, right click on description of format to the right of image and select ‘save target as’. For email and documents to be emailed use GIF or JPG, for printing the BMP is higher resolution.