British Senate Council 2018

The British Senate is managed by a Council. 
Members are elected at the AGM held each September for the following Calendar year.  The Council normally meets in March, July and October.
The  2018  Council Members are:
Chairman 2018 Iain McFarlane, 64241
Deputy Chairman Mark Riddel, 60908
IP Chairman Kate Canty,60311
Hon Treasurer Nicola Perkins, 59954
Hon Secretary Drew Charman, 73605
International Jonathan Nicholson, 62400
Newsletter Editor (Co-opted) Peter Browning, 49104
Webmaster Stephen Eccles, 66009
JCI UK Nominees Tbc, &


To email any office holder of the British Senate Council click on their name.
The Council also recognises Graeme Greenfield, 66010, as Independent Examiner to the accounts.

British Senate Key Roles:
Merchandise Fulfilment Veronica Robinson, 63298
Senate Directory Rodney Spokes, 30921
Database Manager Penny Gill, 61930

Past Chairmen

A list of past British Senate Chairmen can be downloaded below in either word or PDF format.

Past British Senate Chairmen

Past British Senate Chairmen PDF