British Senate Council 2023

The British Senate shall be managed by a Council.

(“The Council”) of Senators are elected at the Annual General Meeting (“the AGM”) each year who shall hold office for one year from the 1st of January following election, comprising:

a) Chairman
b) Deputy Chairman
c) Treasurer
d) Secretary
e) Not more than three other Senators


In addition the Immediate Past Chairman shall be a member of the Council ex officio and shall be entitled to vote at Council meetings.

The Council may also co-opt additional members for specific purposes at the discretion of the Council and such co-opted members shall serve until the 1st January following being co-opted but shall not have any vote at Council meetings.

Each retiring member of the Council shall be eligible for re-election but no person shall be Chairman for two consecutive years. Unless otherwise decided at an AGM in a particular case no member of the Council (unless holding the position of Immediate Past Chairman) shall serve for a consecutive period of more than 10 years at any time.

JCI UK may nominate two further Senators to the Council.

In the event of there being a vacancy in any of the offices of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer, the Council shall have power to appoint any eligible Senator to fill that office and to hold that office until the earlier of i) the next A.G.M or ii) the next General Meeting convened under clause 6 hereof or iii) 31st December in the year in which the vacancy occurs.