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2023 National President JCI UK

The primary functions of the JCI UK National Board are to support local organisations, represent the membership, act as the link between the international and local levels of JCI, and put in place strategies to enable successful long term planning for the national organisation.  The National President formulates a Plan of Impact for JCI UK for the year ahead which the wider National Board team implements to help achieve these primary functions.  Each National Board team member is responsible for their own area with the Plan of Action, ensuring that they support and add value to the activities and objectives of each Local President and the Local Organisation they represent.

The National Board also ensures that JCI UK continues to hold high quality national events & projects through the year that inspire, challenge and develop its members.  These flagship events provide wonderful opportunities to bring members together to collaborate and share best practices, support each other with finding solutions to local challenges, meet old friends and make new ones, and also celebrate success whilst having plenty of fun doing so.

The National Board team actively engages with and support JCI UK’s local organisations, participating in their events both virtual and physical, provide training, and liaising with local members in order to update them on the strategic initiatives being put in place whilst also gaining important feedback and ideas that can be implemented in the future.


For more details, latest news and events from JCI UK,  visit the JCI UK Website.