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== Spring wear ==

Please free to browse, just click on the item you fancy and we’ll give you more details and colour choices, don’t forget personalisation is available from £5 per item.

Polo shirt (F) £22                Fleece (F) £20                  Bodywarmer (F) £35

Blouse Short Sleeve £25    Body Warmer (F) £20        Long Sleeve Blouse £25

Rugby Shirt (F) £20            Blouse Striped £30             Fleece Gilet (F) £20

Blouse Long Sleeve £40     Beanie hat £7                    Body warmer (M) £27

Polo Shirt(M) £22                Fleece (M) £20                   Body Warmer (M) £20

Shirt Short Sleeve(M) £25   Shirt Long Sleeve (M) £27   Fleece Gilet (M) £20

Rugby Shirt (M) £ 25          Fleece Hoodie (M) £40      Shirt Short Sleeve £25

Senate on Tour £25           Apron £10                         Bag £5