Senate Contacts

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British Senate Contacts

To e-mail any of the current British Senate Council Officers – click the links in the listing below:

Please note Chairman & Deputy Chairman entries will be updated post Drumming Out ceremony.

Chairman 2022 Jonathan Nicholson, 62400
Deputy Chairman 2022 Penny Gill, 61930
IP Chairman 2021-2 Janice Hadfield, 48902
Hon Treasurer 2022 Martin Rickerby, 62918
Hon Secretary 2022
Drew Charman, 73605
Council Member (Merchandising) Veronica Robinson, 63298
Council Member (Other) 2022
Laura Mackfall, 61658
Council Member (Other) 2022 Nick Hawley, 64299


Other key British Senate positions

Database Manager Penny Gill, 61930
Editor Senate Magazine Mark Riddel, 60908
Webmaster Stephen Eccles, 66009
JCI UK Nominees James Lambert JCI UK


Accounts Examiner
Graeme Greenfield, 66010

Bumble Bee club
Please contact Paul Hill, 49094

Senate Directory
Our Senate Directory  is being managed by Rodney Spokes, 30921.  It is published in PDF form only at this time and sent to all British Senators who have agreed to be included.  If you would like to be included please  contact Rodney Spokes

International Contacts

International contacts are published at the back of the European Senate magazine. This lists the ASE Board, European National Senate contacts and main Senate contacts outside Europe.

Members can see these here magazine logon page.