Vienna Waltz Gala

21st January 2021
24th January 2021
Doris Zemann
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16th April 2020
Vienna Hofburg
Vienna, Austria
The 10th Waltz Gala
Details tbc, but in previous years…
On the big day, Saturday, you will again be able to attend impressive guidances and then at 7.30pm the doors at the Hofbug open. The champagne reception starts at 7.45pm and goes on until 8.30pm. Afterwards the big opening ceremony will start in the main hall (be there!) ending with the famous words „alles Walzer“ (everybody dance) indicating that all dancing floors, including the disco, are going public.The next happening is at 12pm, when you will be able to watch some great shows at the main hall – NENA! Make sure to eat something before coming to the ball as there will only be small dishes available at relatively high costs. 
Important! Dresscode! Long dress for woman and a black suit or smoking for men! You can’t get in, when you don’t have a long dress.