Zoom TUESDAY Arek Hersh

20th April 2021 7:00 pm
20th April 2021 8:00 pm
8th April 2021

This Tuesday our guest speaker will be Arek Hersh

On TUESDAY 20 April at 7.00pm we will have an extra special talk from Arek Hersh, who is an Auschwitz survivor.

Arek has given many talks about his time as a prisoner of war to schools, groups and has taken many hundreds of people to Auschwitz to ensure what happened there is never forgotten.

How do you survive when all your family have been taken from you and killed? How do you continue to live, when everything around you is designed to ensure certain death?

Arek will tell his story simply and honestly, a moving account of a young boy of 13 whose quick decisions and instinct for survival saved his life over and again!

There are not many survivors left on this earth who can give a first-hand account of one of the greatest catastrophes that man has inflicted on his fellow man. The depth of this tragedy, strength and courage and the power of survival of Arek will move and inspire you.


Janice Hadfield

British Senate Chairman