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British Senate Newsletter

An extra Newsletter is sent out free to British Senators with the printed Magazine.  PDF copies of past editions are below.

British Senate Newsletter 2014 – November

British Senate Newsletter 2014 – February

A full archive is available to subscribers via the secure magazine login page

Spoof Dearne Valley World Congress Bid

In 1978, it appeared that there was to be only one conference bid for the 1981 World Congress – Berlin. No way were the Brits going to stand by and allow Berlin a “shoe-in”. It was therefore decided at the World Congress in Gothenburg in 1979 to mount a rival, but fictitious, bid from a little known local Chamber in BJC, in an area which badly needed economic regeneration and Junior Chamber support – Dearne Valley, in the heart of the Yorkshire mining area.

Key architects of that bid were Mike McKnight #28127 (aka Albert Foodbotham), John Eaton #19170 and his wife Margaret (aka Gloria Loosebody though now our very own Baroness Eaton). When Mike passed away suddenly in 2009, a booklet was produced both to celebrate his life and describe their bid.

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